Church on the Move

We Can't Stay Here

In perhaps one of the most crucial series in our church's history, Pastor George shares exactly what we can do as a church to move forward. There is a hurting world that desperately needs us, but it is all too easy to get into a consumer culture of just "sitting.

In this six-part series, Pastor George details the 5 core values of Church on the Move; An Empty Seat is a Serious Matter, Saved People Serve People, Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right, Growing People.

This series contains 6 messages, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set:

  • We Can't Stay Here - Part 1
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 7/20/14
  • We Can't Stay Here - Part 2
    Subtitle: An Empty Seat Is A Serious Matter
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 7/27/14
  • We Can't Stay Here - Part 3
    Subtitle: Saved People Serve People
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 8/3/14
  • We Can't Stay Here - Part 4
    Subtitle: Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 8/10/14
  • We Can't Stay Here - Part 5
    Subtitle: Growing People Change
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 8/17/14
  • We Can't Stay Here - Part 6
    Subtitle: We Church, not Me Church
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 8/24/14
  • We Can't Stay Here: Complete Set