Church on the Move

Too Busy Not to Pray

Life is busy... sometimes a little too busy.  Where does God fit into all of this?  Join Pastor Willie George and Whitney George for a life-changing series of talks about prayer.

As believers, this is one of the most important topics we can study, because prayer has a direct and immediate impact upon our lives.  Get ready to change your outlook on prayer and be empowered to pray like never before!

This series contains 4 messages, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set:

  • Too Busy Not to Pray - Part 1
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 5/19/13
  • Too Busy Not to Pray - Part 2
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 5/26/13
  • Too Busy Not to Pray - Part 3
    Speaker: Whitney George
    Date: 6/2/13
  • Too Busy Not to Pray - Part 4
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 6/9/13
  • Too Busy Not to Pray: Complete Set