Church on the Move

Real Jesus Curriculum

Real Jesus is a 10-week curriculum that tackles the questions, who is the real Jesus, What if Jesus is bigger than I think He is? What if He's more loving? More gracious? What if there's a joy and a peace available to me that I've not yet experienced?  What if there is more?  In each week of the semester, the content is arranged into three main sections:


Pre-Group is similar to a daily devotional with a couple of scriptures and questions to consider for five days.


Here you will watch a 10-12 minute video teaching from Pastor Whit George, and engage in group discussion. However, we recognize that many people want to go a bit deeper. For that reason, we have provided Pre-Group content and Next Steps for each week.


After your group meets, you have the opportunity to take a next step by practically applying what you just learned.