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Q & A

Everybody has questions. It doesn't matter if you are brand new to a relationship with God or if you have been a Christ follower for years, questions come up. As part of this special series, Pastor Willie George provides answers to some of today's tough questions.

Pastor George discusses what the Bible says about losing one's salvation, enjoying movies and culture as a Christian, dating righteously, dealing with divorce and remarriage, and drinking alcohol. He also answers questions about aliens, ghosts, and dinosaurs.

This series contains 8 messages, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set:

  • Q & A - Part 1
    Subtitle: Can I Lose My Salvation?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 1/3/10
  • Q & A - Part 2
    Subtitle: Can I Enjoy Movies and Culture and Be a Christian?
    Speaker: Willie George, Date: 1/10/10
  • Q & A - Part 3
    Subtitle: How Does a Christian Date Righteously?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 1/17/10
  • Q & A - Part 4
    Subtitle: What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 1/24/10
  • Q & A - Part 5
    Subtitle: Is It Okay for Christians to Drink Alcohol?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 2/7/10
  • Q & A - Part 6
    Subtitle: What Does the Bible Say About Aliens?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 2/14/10
  • Q & A - Part 7
    Subtitle: What Does the Bible Say About Ghosts?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 2/21/10
  • Q & A - Part 8
    Subtitle: What Does the Bible Say About Dinosaurs?
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 2/28/10
  • Q & A: Complete Set