Church on the Move

KOTM Curriculum: Volume 5


Our relationship with God is based upon the blood covenant that He made with Abraham thousands of years ago. Without a good understanding of that covenant, we are unable to fully comprehend God's redemptive work today.

As part of this volume, teachers are equipped to share why the plan of salvation had to include the shedding of innocent blood, why Christ had to die in Jerusalem, and why Abraham is considered to be the spiritual father of both Christians and Jews.

Teaching Components:

  • Master Lessons (13 lessons)
  • Teacher Instructions* (by Pastor Willie George)
  • Spoken Word (transparency masters)

Media Components:

  • Cimarron Trail* (click here to view episode titles)
  • Master Mechanic*
  • Puppet Skits (CD format)
  • Song Service: Lead Vocals*
  • Song Service: Background Vocals*
  • Zion 7 News Report*

KOTM Samples:

PLEASE NOTE: The complete volume for $199.00 contains all of the components listed above.  We also offer these components individually for churches needing to purchase a replacement.

*If you would like to purchase multiple media replacement components, check out our DVD sets!