Church on the Move

KOTM Curriculum: Holiday Pack


This special holiday volume of the Kids on the Move Curriculum teaches boys and girls the true meaning of two important holidays: Christmas and Easter.

From the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Christ to the story of His death and triumphant resurrection, the lessons in this volume give children a deeper understanding of the most valuable gift ever given to mankind.

Teaching Components:

  • Master Lessons (4 lessons)
  • Teacher Instructions* (by Pastor Willie George)
  • Spoken Word (transparency masters)

Media Components:

  • Master Mechanic*
  • Puppet Skits (CD format)
  • Song Service*
  • Zion 7 News Report*

KOTM Samples:

PLEASE NOTE: The complete volume for $99.00 contains all of the components listed above.  We also offer these components individually for churches needing to purchase a replacement.

*If you would like to purchase multiple media replacement components, check out our DVD sets!