Church on the Move


Media and technology have an unprecedented hold on our kids, but there is hope. In this series, Pastor Willie George candidly talks about the primary challenges facing today's families when it comes to the influence of media and culture.

Pastor George describes the three institutions ordained by God and the roles each institution should play. There is a culture war being waged against the next generation, and parents need to assume their rightful position of authority.

This series contains 4 messages, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set:

  • Kidnapped - Part 1
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 4/11/10
  • Kidnapped - Part 2
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 4/18/10
  • Kidnapped - Part 3
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 4/25/10
  • Kidnapped - Part 4
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 5/2/10
  • Kidnapped: Complete Set