Church on the Move

Going Deeper

Knowing God is more than just an hour on Sunday.  A genuine relationship with Jesus Christ begins with real life change and continues through ongoing discipleship.

In this series of talks, Pastor Willie George explains the importance of keeping right values and staying accountable to both God and others.  As we submit our lives to God, His Spirit enables us to know Him in deeper ways than we could have ever imagined.

This series contains 4 messages, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set:

  • Going Deeper - Part 1
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 4/14/13
  • Going Deeper - Part 2
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 4/21/13
  • Going Deeper - Part 3
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 4/28/13
  • Going Deeper - Part 4
    Speaker: Willie George
    Date: 5/5/13
  • Going Deeper: Complete Set