Church on the Move

All of your favorite characters are back in this timeless DVD collection! The same western adventure and memorable stories you loved as a child are now yours to enjoy with your own family again and again. The Gospel Bill Show Collector's Edition contains a total of 32 episodes (4 episodes per volume), featuring relevant messages from God's Word for ages 3-8.  These volumes may be purchased separately or as a complete set.



God Gives Back
At the threat of losing her store, Miss Lana chooses to obey God with the tithe and trust Him to provide.

There's Still Hope
When Gospel Bill brings a desperate bank robber to justice, Miss Lana believes the robber can be saved when no one else does.

Power of Agreement
A bizarre accident leaves Gospel Bill with amnesia. Nicodemus and Miss Lana respond with the prayer of agreement.

He Sent His Word and Healed Them
Gospel Bill speaks God's Word when a local family is threatened with a contagious disease.



Don't Trust in Riches
Eager to make a profit, Tutwater loses all of his money in a bad mining investment.

The Worst Temptation
In an effort to make Gospel Bill leave Dry Gulch, Luther Bedlow and Cornpone try to lure him away with temptations.

To Cheat or Not - Part 1
Luther Bedlow uses Cornpone as a pawn in the local sheriff's election, and they buy votes with bribes.

To Cheat or Not - Part 2
After an unfair election, Gospel Bill must help the new sheriff deal with outlaws and save the day.



All Things Through Christ
Gospel Bill must find a way to reveal a mysterious thief's identity and catch him in the act.

Praise God When Trouble Comes
Gospel Bill experiences trouble at every turn and has to decide whether he will complain or praise God.

To Tell the Truth
Elmer takes dating advice from Nicodemus, but he stretches the truth in order to make a good impression.

Receiving by Faith
When two outlaws injure Gospel Bill, his friends must pray and stand in faith for his healing.



It Pays to Work
Elmer needs money, but he fails to display a good work ethic when Miss Lana gives him a job.

The New Birth
Gospel Bill recounts his lawless days before Christ to show Elmer that Jesus can change anyone.

The Reward of Stinginess
Tutwater misses out on God's blessing when he allows a stingy spirit to keep him from giving at church.

The Power of the Tongue
Nicodemus activates the power of God's Word for healing, and Gospel Bill uses the Word to help him outsmart a gunman.



Treasures in Heaven
Luther Bedlow and Cornpone hear of a treasure, so they kidnap Nicodemus in an effort to find it.

If God Be for Us
When Gospel Bill heads out of town, Nicodemus is left in charge and learns to conquer his fears.

Agreement Equals Power
Gospel Bill and Nicodemus believe God for the money Nic needs in order to save his mother's farm.

Overcoming Faith
Gospel Bill, Nicodemus, Miss Lana, and Elmer all use their faith in order to overcome obstacles in their way.



Control Your Thoughts
Nicodemus and Elmer nearly come to blows when Elmer tries to court Miss Trudi Lou.

Babies Make Mistakes
After falling back into an old habit, a new Christian learns what it means to persevere in spite of mistakes.

Elmer Finds His Gift
When faced with growing debts and no job, Elmer discovers his true gift.

There's No Such Thing As Monsters
Gospel Bill has to set Tutwater straight about a monster story and find the prankster responsible.



Never Give Up
Fed up with how hard Farnsworth is working him, Nicodemus decides to quit his job.

Deadly Disobedience
A young boy's life is in jeopardy when he disobeys his mother and falls into a mine.

Nic and the Faith Saddle
Nicodemus needs a new saddle for a cowboy contest, so Gospel Bill encourages him to believe God for it.

Rejoice in the Lord
When everything goes wrong with his day, Nicodemus has to choose whether or not he will praise God.



Angels Watching over Me
In dealing with his fear of the unknown, Elmer finds out that angels are watching over him.

Put Off Temptation
Luther Bedlow and Tutwater join forces and try to bribe Gospel Bill so he will influence the townspeople.

The Root of Bitterness
Miss Lana is tempted to become bitter when Tutwater accuses her of selling shoddy merchandise.

Words of Healing
Gospel Bill speaks words of healing on behalf of his Uncle Pete, but Elmer brings sickness upon himself with a negative confession.